185 years ago today - 1836: 10 November

[Patriarchal Blessing]
Olive Boynton Hale. (Given by Joseph Smith, Sen.)

... I ask God to have mercy and cleanse thee from all sin. ... Thy Heavenly father has bestowed on thee more intelligence than on many of thy sex.

... Thou mayest tarry till the end of wickedness shall be accomplished; till the gathering of Israel shall be finished; till the winding up scene of this generation; and until the Savior comes in the clouds of Heaven if thou art faithful, and if thou dost attain to that faith.

... Thou shalt see the Temple reared to thy Savior, and filled with His glory. The Lord will give thee wisdom. Thou shalt be an instructress to the daughters of the Lamanites; ... I seal thee up to eternal life. Amen.

[Typescript, "Journal of Jonathan H. Hale, 1800-40, LDS Archives, in Selected LDS Patriarchal Blessings, New Mormon Studies CD ROM, Signature Book, 2009, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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