180 years ago today - Mar 9, 1841 (Tuesday)

[Joseph Smith]
... However there is a prist-Hood with the Holy Ghost & Key—the Holy Ghost over shadows you & witness unto you of the authority & the Gifts of the Holly Ghost—he said was the provence of the Father to preside as the Chief or President—Jesus as the Mediator & Holy Ghost as the testator or witness—the Son Had a Tabernicle & so had the father But the Holly Ghost is a personage of spirit without tabernicle the Great God has a name By wich He will be Called which is Ahman—also in asking have Referance to a personage Like Adam for God made Adam Just in his own Image Now this a key for you to know how to ask & obtain. ...

[McIntire Minute Book -Words of Joseph Smith, 64-65]

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