175 years ago today - Sunday, Mar 15, 1846.

[Willard Richards]
The day was clear, rather cool, wind north and at times very brisk, capsizing several tents. From 9 till 11, Presidents Young and Kimball in the historian's tent writing. Dr. Richards continued sick in bed. At 12, Elders T. Gillie and H. G. Sherwood addressed the public assembly and many strangers present. Many strangers were in camp offering to swap oxen for horses, purchase harnesses, sell corn to let various jobs at work. Some of the brethren declined trading on the Sabbath. Since the arrival of the camp at this point, the price of corn has fallen from 18 3/4 and 20 cents, to 12½ and 14.

At 7 p.m., President Young, Kimball, Taylor, Smith, Lyman, Richards, Father John Smith, Bishop Whitney, and others assembled in Dr. Richards company in council when [with] James M. Hemmick, having previously appealed to the council for a rehearing. Wilber I. Earl stated to the council the manner in which Hemmick challenged him for a duel. Hemmick also made his statement by which it appeared to the council all the difficulty between them had arisen through some falsehoods told to Hemmick about Earl by some evil-minded or mistaken persons at Nauvoo. Council decided there was no cause for hard feelings on either side, that the subject be forever dropped, which the parties agreed, and Hemmick was restored his standing.

President Young directed that an epistle be written to the Saints in Nauvoo, and that Edward P. Duzette be written to come immediately to the camp, that he would pay 5 dollars and Kimball offered 5 more and John D. Lee, clerk of the evening, was appointed to write the letter. President Young named Dr. Richard's tent general post office and Dr. Richards general postmaster. Council adjourned 10 o'clock, after which Brother Lee wrote to Brother Duzette and requested Brother Winchester to bring him forward. He also wrote until 2 o'clock in the morning at the dictation of Dr. Richards.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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