120 years ago today - Aug 12, 1900; Sunday

In our Council meeting this PM the leading men Bro[ther] Cluff Bro[ther] Fairbanks & Bro[ther] Woolff [sic] expressed the desire that with a selected few the Expedition [to South America to look for evidence of the Book of Mormon] might continue and it seemed that the spirit of the Lord impressed it upon the mind of Pres[ident Joseph F.] Smith that this would be permitted.... the telegram from Pres[ident] Snow received at Nogales last night suggesting the disbanding of the expedition but with suggestions that Pres[ident] Smith was to acct [sic] under the direction of the Spirit of God in deciding whether any of the camp should be allowed to go on ...

[Seymour B. Young, Diary]

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