120 years ago today - Jul 12, 1900; Thursday

[Brigham Young Jr.]
Pres[iden]ts [George Q.] Cannon & [Joseph F.] Smith came in at 11 a.m. Business was transacted. Document of succession to presidency was read by Bro[ther] [George F.] Gibbs the question between Bro[ther]. Jos[eph] F. [Smith] & I was decided that no man could date his position in Quorum from ordination but from the time that he was received in to the quorum. This puts Jos[eph]. F. Smith ahead of me in the quorum. I am thankful this question is settled. I tried to get Father to settle it but he said when I broached the subject "It is just right the way it is, and you let it alone." I never dared to bring it up again, tho[ugh]' Bro[ther]. [Orson] Pratt & others made me feel bad at times because of their remarks.

[Brigham Young Jr., Diary]

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