120 years ago today - Nov 5, 1896; Thursday

Pres[iden]t [Wilford] Woodruff said he would be very much delighted if the saints would supplicate the Lord to raise the financial burdens now resting upon the church.

Pres[iden]t Geo[rge] Q. Cannon said that there was a wonderful disrespect for the priesthood of God being manifested among many of the saints, and that he felt if this was not repented of is would lead to serious consequences.

Pres[iden]t [Lorenzo] Snow expressed himself as having full faith that the Lord would lift the burdens resting upon the people and he said it would not surprise him in the least if there should be one of the Latterday Saints occupying the Presidential Chair of this nation.

[Source: Heber J. Grant, Diary]

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